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About Margaret

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Margaret's Beliefs

Some people attack life,

others defend themselves from it.


 It can be a great advantage

 to start with nothing.

                    - Margaret

To react against fear

 is a good moral habit.

                    - Margaret

Courage is the personality strength

 which assures all of the others.


Margaret's Family and Friends

Margaret's Family and Teenager Friends:My father is a lawyer who is disabled by Lyme disease. My mother used to work as a teacher but was laid-off. I have three sisters. Melanie is four years younger than me and Melody is four years older. Melody wants to be a movie critic someday. Claudine, our baby sister, is an adoptee like me.

Erika, one of my two best friends, is a few months younger than me and is the only child of Greenwich's billionaire widower. She is super smart but, until recently, never had a boyfriend since the sight of her armed bodyguard scared boys away.

Hillary, my other best friend, hopes to marry Bill Clinton, the former American president who lives nearby. She is also very smart but became a bit flaky after discovering sex. Erika and Hillary try to avoid each other by using me as their go-between though they should get along since they must be the cleverest teenagers in America.

Randy, my boyfriend, is the love of my life. His family is as rich as mine is poor but this doesn't matter to him. He is a math and computer genius (I kid you not!).

Introduction to Book One, Margaret of Greenwich: "This book is mostly about me and how I was nearly murdered. But it also tells of Hillary's fixation with former President Clinton who lives nearby; and about the art teacher, Mr. Cylinder, who Laurie was sleeping with.

"Some events you may already know from Google News. But not the whole story since no one knows that except me and my husband, which no thirteen-year-old girl is supposed to have. Not even if she lives in one of those tiny Mormon towns along the Utah/Arizona border. And certainly not in Greenwich, Connecticut, the richest town in America where my family is one of the poorest.

"We survive on food stamps, the Mormon food bank, and my father's Social Security Disability payments. I get my clothes from the Salvation Army store closest to us, the one across the New York State border in Port Chester. My best clothes are the hand-me-downs from my seventeen-year-old sister. These were bought before my family's bad luck began though I'm not complaining.

"That my family wasn't always like this is also part of my story. And the rest, I must admit, will sound unbelievable but is true. Though if you won't believe me I can't imagine who you do trust since my family is fourth generation Mormon and we attend church religiously, to make a small pun.

"This is why, in the interest of honesty, I must also state something else. That if you're a boy you probably won't like this book since it has a lot about romance but no actual sex, two murders without a car chase, and very little about the zombie killer video game which Randy, my boyfriend, loves. And I doubt that you'll be interested in the details of my menstrual celebration party which even I didn't want to attend.

"Having said all this, like they say, it's time for me to raise the curtain and present the drama in which fate cast me a leading role. How a seventh grader from a dirt poor family battled poverty, her school principal, and a determined murderer in the richest town in America.

"Which I'll begin by telling about two boys: Randy, who is the nicest boy imaginable and the love of my life; and Brian, who boys call “weird wheels,” which isn't nice at all."

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